Hie Awamugi

Hie Awamugi

Hi, I'm Hie Awamugi, a multi platform Artist who's making songs, videos and illustrations. You can check them out on my YouTube channel. By the way, The pronunciation of “Hie” is like “He” and “A” as in the letter.


Copyright And Permission for Awamugi's Works

  • Use Of My Published Work

    You may not reproduce, redistribute or alter any of my artworks without permission.

  • Use of My Published Video Works

    You may use my video works for personal use or on a stream such as singing a cover of one of my songs, or using one of my BGMs in a non-monetized video. However, Please credit me verbally or via on-screen text when you use my video works for any personal, non-monetized project. It is not necessary to credit me when using embedded videos or links to my video works.

  • Making Covers Of My Music

    You may use Karaoke data or instrumentals of my songs to sing on stream or make cover videos on video sharing websites.

  • Use of my songs from Spotify, Bandcamp and other streaming services

    For my songs which are available on music streaming services such as Spotify or Bandcamp you may not play the entirety of my songs on steam or on video sharing websites. However, You may create covers and/or use my songs as BGM in a non-monetized video as long as I am credited verbally or via on-screen text.

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